How to Earn Money from YouTube

Anyone can create video and upload it online for the whole world to see. No need for huge investments or approvals from government organizations! You probably heard stories about people earn money from YouTube. Let’s learn about how to earn money from YouTube.

How to Earn Money from YouTube

What is YouTube - how does YouTube work?

Before knowing how to earn money from YouTube, we know what YouTube is. YouTube is the world's largest video sharing platform and YouTube is also a part of Google. To earn money from YouTube, it is very important to understand these three important points: (1) Viewers (2) Advertisers (3) Creators

1) Viewers of Videos

If you are dreaming to earn money from YouTube, the first of all, your video content should attract more and more people. Video presentation, video quality, and length of video matters a lot, because every time viewers leave a video watching halfway due to no good picture clarity and content. Sometimes it happens that the description and presentation of the subject are so lengthy that the viewers become bored and start appearing on the other video. So if you are uploading a YouTube video, the length of the video should be limited. Maintain visual and sound quality and keep the language simple in the video.

2) Video Advertisers

Advertisers are those people who want to reach their product to people, that is, they want to reach the maximum information of the product. Normally any viewers will not waste time in watching advertise. Imagine T20 match or cricket, in that case per over 30 sec advertise, the wicket dropped 1.00 minute advertise, the strategy time is 2.5 minutes and if inning brakes then 15 minutes advertise. Now in 3.30 hours of the program, 30 minutes to 40 minutes is paid to advertise.

Will you see so many advertise continuously on any channel? No right, but the LIVE program and cricket match are the main attraction. For that, viewers tune-in on a large number of channels, and at the same time advertisers display their products in between the valuable content, and likewise, on YouTube, between the valuable content of the creators, advertisers display their products and advertise their products and give revenue share to creators instead of that advertising.

3) YouTube Video Creators

Creativity like workmanship, art, if any person has knowledge of any field and he feels that the things should reach to others, then this is possible through YouTube video. Because YouTube’s viewer base is huge and YouTube is the world's largest video sharing platform.

The Creator needs an only good quality of mobile camera with clarity or handy cam and upload their creative video on YouTube, then put it in the monetize process. Creator has to share its video link with their friends and in social network groups.

Video quality options

There are different download option by YouTube to download any video in the search bar of YouTube. The reason for the different option is due to some user has limited data and the user has to look for low-quality video, so in that case, even in fewer internet data usage, user can watch the valuable video. Sometimes it happens due to the slow internet connection, you cannot load YouTube video, so it will good if the file will be small.

Offline Video Watching - Download YouTube Video

Whenever you play YouTube video online, then your internet data is used and if you did not fully understand the full video or you liked the video and want to see the same video again, continuously data will be spent.

But now YouTube has started the offline video service to make this problem easier. Once the video is run, pressing the offline mode tab will re-play the video again and internet data will not be consumed. That means no matter how many time you play video, no data will be spent on it.

YouTube Video Monetization process to earn money

If you have any unique talent or have any information, which can be useful for other people, then by sharing that information on YouTube, you cannot only become famous but also you can earn money with your creativity.

YouTube advertising styles

In YouTube videos, advertising can be shown by the creator in full-screen mode. Even with a content play, advertising can be shown below in the subtitle place. There is an option to close advertising at the corner of every advertising. If advertising is shown at the beginning of the video, then after 5 seconds, there is an option to skip advertising.

How to Set YouTube Channel for monetizing process

How to Earn Money from YouTube

Step - 1 - Register your account on YouTube to earn money
Register your account first on YouTube and if you have a Gmail account then the same account for Google, Gmail, YouTube, Google drive, Google ad sense, etc... are enough for Google sites. So first of all, log on to YouTube with your Google ID.

Step - 2 - Channel Setting
Go to Channels settings and go to the monetization option and you will be able to monetize only when your video will meet the three main conditions issued by Google.        

A - Copyright strike - You cannot upload any published copyright content video for monetization.

B - Community guidelines - Cannot upload hate speech regarding any caste, gender, character, offensive material for the community. Giving wrong information to the people, uploading the wrong content is not allowed by Google's monetizing policy.

C - Content ID claims - The main declaration of this point is that the video uploaded by you does not copy from other creators, i.e. 100% original, and the content is made by yourself only.

If your uploaded video meets the above three conditions then a screen with details of Google ad sense will be displayed with 3 green marks. Further, there is a certain condition like 4000 hour watch time and minimum 1000 subscriber is needed for monetization.

Step - 3 - Apply for Google Ad sense YouTube Partner Program
If you have Google's ad sense account, then you will be able to attach it comfortably. If you do not have Google ad sense a / c, then you have to apply for it. When your ad sense account will be approved for YouTube, then you will find that "your ad sense account is approved and associated with YouTube".

Step - 4 - YouTube Advertisement Options
After that, where you want to display advertising, details about this will be found in the Edit option, where you have to click the monetization tab and then tick the blank box (Monetize my video). Here, you get the option when to play advertise i.e. before video or middle of a video or at the end of the video.

Step - 5 - Manage Your YouTube Channel
In your video manager option, you will find a list of all your videos and how many views are there in monetized videos. After upload your video on YouTube, there is a video link generated which you can share on public platforms, which can increase traffic on your video channel and can earn more money.

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