Hotstar VIP Plan

Hotstar VIP Plan - As we know Hotstar is very much popular application nowadays. To get full access of shows without ads, you have to upgrade your Hotstar to Hotstar VIP plan. With this hotstar VIP plan, all can watch TV shows before the time. If you have missed any episodes of the TV show, then you can watch it on hotstar anytime. But now with the help of Hotstar VIP plan, you will be able to watch your favorite shows before the time. In this Hotstar VIP plan, you can watch blockbuster movies, live cricket, live TV shows free of cost.

Hotstar VIP Plan

A new subscription is started in Hostar with the scheme of Rs 365, which is becoming more popular these days. You must have seen the Hotstar VIP member in the IPL, do you know what is this Hotstar VIP subscription and what are the benefits of taking it? In this post, we are telling you complete details about the Hotstar VIP Subscription Plan. Let's know, what is Hotstar VIP Plan?

After the introduction of new cable rules of TRAI, viewers believe that their DTH Plan price has increased than before. So, Hotstar is now using an online live stream service based on the Internet.

Where DTH operators are competing with each other, popular App Hotstar has introduced a new plan which is competing with DTH operators and nowadays hotstar is very much popular application.

It has been named Hotstar VIP Plan. Hotstar is providing much of the sports channels, many Hindi entertainment channels and epic movie channels for just 365 rupees per year in this plan.

Let's know what the Hotstar VIP subscription is and why it is better, why should we take this plan?

What is Hotstar VIP Plan?

Hotstar VIP Plan is a new subscription plan for Hotstar. Hotstar has started this plan to compete with DTH operators who have increased the prices nowadays.

Hotstar offers Live Stream, TV Show and Movies service to its users with an Ad-free content experience in the Plan, which is not available for free.

Hotstar VIP Plan

The price of Hotstar VIP Subscription is 365 per year. This plan is much enhanced and cheaper than Dish TV channels.

What does Hotstar VIP plan provide?

In Hotstar VIP membership you get limited but better and enhanced service, in this plan, you will get the following services.

Hotstar VIP Plan

• Ad-free user experience
• Live Sports: Including live Cricket, Premier League & Formula 1
• New Indian Movies Premieres
• Latest episodes of Indian TV entertainment shows at 6 AM every day
• Exclusive Hotstar Specials

Thus, in this plan, you can see live cricket, all IPL matches, the latest Indian films, new episodes of Indian TV shows and Hotstar Special Show without any hassle with Ad-Free Experience.

What does Hotstar VIP Plan does not offer?

In this plan, you can view all the content excluding American / International TV Shows and Movies. This means that you will not be able to watch Hollywood movies.

Hotstar VIP Plan

Also in this plan, you will not see HBO, HOOQ, FOX Life, National Geography and other English Channels.

If you are fond of seeing Hollywood movies, then you have to take a second premium plan in Hotstar. You can upgrade your current plan.

Why should Hotstar VIP plan be purchased?

From the information given above, you may have come to know that what is Hotstar VIP plan and what service you get in it.

Hotstar VIP Plan

Now if you want to watch live cricket matches (such as IPL 2019, World Cup 2019) on your mobile anywhere, then you can upgrade to a Hotstar VIP plan.

The biggest advantage of this Hotstar VIP Plan is that after you subscribe to this plan, apart from Smart TV, you can watch live cricket matches on your computer, laptop and mobile phone.

Secondly, if you are fond of Indian movies and like to watch new Hindi films, you have to Hotstar VIP Plan. Also if you are fond of seeing Indian TV serials, you have to Hotstar VIP Plan. This service is better for women.

Is Hotstar VIP Plan better than DTH?

If you see Hotstar VIP subscription plan similar to Dish TV, Tata Sky, Airtel Digital Plan, then all your doubts will be cleared.

Hotstar VIP Plan

Hotstar VIP Plan is for Rs 365.
Hotstar is providing more content then DTH throughout the year for its VIP plan. In this VIP plan, users can watch Cricket, Premium League and Formula 1 race.

With this user can also see the most popular and blockbuster Hindi films, entertainment shows in this plan. However, this plan does not contain American TV shows and Hollywood movies.

But this plan is much better than DTH because, with the help of this plan, you can view the shows anywhere and at any time in your smartphone, tablet, and laptop.

DTH TV Channels:
If you buy one such pack in Tata Sky, then you can get this service from Rs 500 to 600 rupees. The prices of sports channels are very high.

But compared to Hotstar VIP Plans, Dish TV includes more options for Entertainment Channels. There are TV shows, music, movies, kids and more channels.

But if we talk about the year, then you have to pay a year (600 × 12) i.e. 7,200 rupees. The difference of rupees itself shows that Hotstar VIP plan is clearly defeating the DTH Operators.

Even though Hotstar VIP plans offer fewer channel options than Dish TVs, but in terms of price, Hotstar VIP plan is much better.

Even if you include the prices of your WiFi, Internet data, then the price of this plan will also be lower than DTH. If you want more options then you can prefer DTH.


In this post, we came to know that what is Hotstar VIP Plan, What is Hotstar VIP Subscription, How to Get Hotstar VIP Subscription, why it is better than Dish TV and why we should buy this Hotstar VIP plan.

Please note: If you have more information, or if the information given is incorrect, then comment on us and we will keep updating. 

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