Blogging or YouTube | Which one is the best for Earning Money?

Blogging or YouTube – which one is best for earning money? The answer to this question is so complicated. For making money on the internet, blogging and YouTube are the most popular way, because we can earn money with name as well. 

Many people have been earning a lot of money from blogging and YouTube. For some people, blogging and YouTube are full-time jobs. The reason for working on blogging and YouTube is that anyone can earn money by sitting at home, but many new internets users do not know which one has the most advantage and what is good for earning money, so today in this post I am just saying that blogging Vs YouTube - Which one has more benefit and which one is good to earn money.

Blogging or YouTube  Which one is the best for Earning Money

Blogging and YouTube are particularly beneficial for brands and people who want to get more traffic for their websites. Today everyone wants to earn money and name; all want to become a more famous on blogger, YouTube and on social media sites.   

Often people keep their hands on the blogging and YouTube platform for promoting their business. For many pro bloggers and YouTube users, this is their primary way of earning.  So for them, it remains a part of their lives.

You must have seen that many YouTubers are attracting everyone with their talent in the video on their YouTube channels. Those who have Millions of subscribers on their channel, millions of views on videos, they are a Pro YouTube user.

So if you are new to blogging and YouTube then you may be wondering what is right for you. If you are thinking, then here it is said that which one is good to earn money from blogging or YouTube.

Blogging Vs YouTube – which one is best for earning money?

Here, I will tell you about blogging Vs YouTube, from which you can understand more about what is right for you and from which you can make money. Let’s first know about blogging.

What is blogging?

If you create a blog, then you will become a blogger and a blogger who writes information on his blog and shares it with people is called blogging.

Blogging or YouTube  Which one is the best for Earning Money

To earn money from blogging only posting will not work, rather it will need to share information that is new to people and helpful.

What to do for blogging?

• Computer or laptop is needed.
• Blogging Platform Word Press or Blogger.
• Blog (domain) name.
• Best Hosting Service.
• Make blogs attractive by using the top plug-in and by another method.
• The design of a blog should be very attractive that every user likes it.
• Publish a high-quality post on the blog.
• Should have basic knowledge about SEO.
• Blogs have to be continuously managed.
• Need to increase more traffic.         
• To make money, blogs need to be connected to Ad Sense.

To be successful in blogging and making your blog a pro blog and making yourself a Pro blogger, you have to do all this. Also, you will have to work on your blog continuously to become a pro blogger and will have to increase more traffic to your blog.

If you want to do blogging, you may have come to know what you need to do for blogging and how to make money from it, so let's now know about YouTube.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video platform on which we can watch videos of all types and can also make videos and upload it. For that, we have to create a channel on YouTube, from which we can make money by uploading the video.

Blogging or YouTube  Which one is the best for Earning Money

To earn money from YouTube, you don’t need to write. You just have to create a video that everyone likes. (Remember that people will not like your video but will like your style.)

Note: - As per the new policy of YouTube, your income from YouTube will start only when your videos watch time is 4000 hrs and minimum subscribers are 1000.

What to do for YouTube?

• Have to create a YouTube channel (good name for a channel).
• Timely video uploads will be required.
• The camera is needed to create a video; a computer is needed to upload a         video.
• Select a Topic on which you want to create a video.
• You should know how to edit a video.
• Information about YouTube SEO is needed.

To earn money from a pro channel and YouTube, you have to be aware of all these things and apart from them; I am telling about some of the things that you must know in order to earn money from YouTube.
  • Voice
  • Style
  • Talent
  • Subject/niche

The most important to earn money from YouTube is your good voice. Secondly, your style. Most people on YouTube prefers to watch videos where YouTube user is explaining them in front of the video.

The last thing you should have talent, how many people can you attract from your talent.

YouTube shows more of that channel which is more subscribed and you will only be subscribed if you can create a high-quality video.

So, now you may have come to know what to do to earn money from blogging and YouTube. Let me tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of blogging and YouTube, from which you can easily find out about what is better for you?

Advantages and disadvantages of Blogging and YouTube

Blogging or YouTube  Which one is the best for Earning Money

• Blogging: We have complete control over the blog; we can manage our blog as per our wish.
• YouTube: We do not have control over the YouTube channel; YouTube can delete our channel whenever they want to.
• Blogging: There are many advertising websites on the internet to earn money from blogs, from which we can earn by putting ads on the blog.
• YouTube: Talking about YouTube, you can only earn by putting ads from Google ad sense on videos.
• Blogging: To earn money from blogging, you need to do a lot of things like blog theme, design, SEO setup, and many other settings are needed which a new user cannot do.
• YouTube: To make money from YouTube, you just need to upload the video after making the channel and after that, not any settings have to be done.
• Blogging: To make money from blogging, you have to first get the necessary information about it.
• YouTube: You do not have to learn much to earn money from YouTube.
• Blogging: From blogging, we can earn a good name along with money.
• YouTube: From YouTube name is earned along with money.
Blogging: High CPC is available on the blog.
• YouTube: Very low CPC is available on YouTube video.
• Blogging: Blogs can earn money by selling the affiliate program product from the blog.
• YouTube: Cannot Earn from YouTube by affiliate programs.

So here, all these things said about blogging and YouTube clears that what is better blogging or YouTube. What is good for earning money from your perspective?

I have told here what to do to earn with blogging and YouTube, it is not what you have to work on. You will decide which platform you would like to work.

According to my opinion, you work on what you like best, which means that you are interested in it. If you think you can create videos that all will like, then select YouTube.

Or if you like to share information with people through a blog, then you can do blogging. You can earn money from blogging with new information.

Last Words

After reading this post, you may have learned a lot about blogging Vs YouTube or which one is better blogging or YouTube and what will be good for you to earn money. At the same time, you may have come to know on which one you have to work.

If you have any other information about blogging Vs YouTube, then kindly comment on it and if you like this article Blogging or YouTube - which one is the best for Earning Money, then share it with your friends on social media.

Keep sharing keep supporting.

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